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Henk’s approach to therapy is superb.  He was able to give me the space to come to terms and unpack a lot of trauma that had built up over the years in a safe and comfortable environment.  I found that Henk was gentle without being patronising and was really welcoming.


He was always friendly and welcoming for each session and his dedication to empathising with a client is second to none.  I felt seen and heard when I discussed difficult experiences with him and he always approached any discussion with compassion and a clear passion for helping.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking therapy.

Ms. S.

Having found myself at a very low ebb emotionally and mentally, and having spoken to my GP, I actively sought a counsellor to help me get out of the rut I was in.  Having looked at a number of options, I finally chose Henk and I am so pleased I did.  He has been brilliant all the way through the process and has helped me to get back to feeling my true self.

Henk was exactly what I was looking for in a councillor and has helped me move my well-being forward with empathy, professionalism and warmth.

Mr. P.

I cannot describe in words how much Henk helped me with my issues and concerns.  I have been very insecure, with zero confidence, and full of inner conflicts.  After all my sessions I am myself - a confident, strong woman.  All revelations were my own, with Henk directing me to them and to the right paths.  Henk was always very approachable and trustworthy; I could tell everything to him, and he would help me to resolve and reveal the issues and answers I needed.  I never felt embarrassed, and I knew that anything I said would be strictly confidential between me and Henk, and this is very important when you look for help with personal issues.

Mrs. I.

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